House of Cards Gaming

House of Cards Gaming, or HoCG, is primarily a team of streamers picked by current memers that share similar passions for the industry. We strive to keep an updated roster with a variety of streamers, ranging from variety streamers, to some that find their place into a particular gaming community and make their home there. These Team members have been voted in by current members of the community, ensuring that only like-minded, high quality streams make it in.

Some criteria we look at for prospective members are:
  • High Quality Audio
  • Quality Video
  • Chat Interaction
  • Community involvement
  • ​Good Personalities

We are proud to team up with folks from the industry to provide reviews, content, and exposure for their products. We have worked with many small developers, and a handful of larger ones to promote their games and communities. We really shine in multiplayer games, where we can get our whole team involved in pushing out content for a single game, and it makes the experience more enjoyable for the viewers as well, as it brings a whole new dynamic into play.

Interested in having HoCG promote your products? Contact CaptainStraz at
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